A story unlike any other...

Chad Scott achieved the American dream despite all odds being stacked against him, from losing his house in high school to building an amazing company that spans the US and Mexico, with additional offices in Jakarta, Buenos Aires, and Serbia.


UTP was born!

While Chad embarked on his poster journey back in 2006, it was a path paved with numerous failures and countless sacrifices that eventually led to the birth of UTP. In those early days, we opted for campgrounds over luxurious hotels, all in the name of fiscal prudence. These initial sacrifices laid the foundation for the UTP we know today. And as our journey began, innovation has been at our core since day one! 😊


Don't all great stories start in a garage?

Like many of today's successful companies, ours followed a similar trajectory. Our design team's journey began with just one individual at an event, expanded to a bustling team of 30 working out of a garage, then grew to include over 60 designers spanning three different countries. Today, we've evolved into a dynamic blend of proprietary software complemented by a talented design team across those same three countries.


Our first run at manufacturing.

Establishing our own framing manufacturing facility served as a stark reminder that our expertise lies in 'Posters,' not 'Building Frames.' Nevertheless, this experience proved invaluable, as it taught us the importance of being discerning consumers. It became the cornerstone of our global supply chain, which, in turn, has been the catalyst for all of our achievements and success today.


A National Powerhouse

In 2019, UTP participated in an impressive array of over 1,000 events across 40 states. Achieving this level of scale required the dedication and sacrifice of hundreds of individuals throughout the years, and we are eternally thankful for every person who played a part in our journey. A truly great company thrives on learning from its customers and team members. We stand today as the culmination of thousands of ideas, compliments, criticisms, and unwavering effort expended over the past 7 years.


A "Covid" year

Our business was fortunate to possess the mobility and adaptability needed to swiftly respond to the unprecedented changes that 2020 ushered in. While the early part of the year posed challenges, it was difficult to foresee the blessings it would ultimately bestow upon us by year's end. Our 'new normal' has opened the door to a wealth of opportunities for expansion and the rejuvenation of our existing infrastructure. We eagerly anticipate an exciting and promising new chapter ahead!


The Story

If you're eager to delve deeper into our journey, Chad has authored 'The Poster Boy,' a compelling blend of biography and entrepreneurial guidance. This book has garnered the highest accolades from Indie Readers and was celebrated as a 'Best Read' in September 2020.

You can explore the Indie Review at www.theposterboy.com, or listen to 'The Poster Boy' on Audible."


The Poster Shot

In 2021, our poster generating software made its way into Mexico, marking a significant expansion. Presently, we have a total of 8 operational locations in Mexico.